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What the cock is that shit? #1

Welcome to the first instalment in what promises to be a one-instalment series of poorly thought out blog posts that I’ve perhaps foolishly called ‘What the cock is that shit?’. “What the cock is that ‘What the cock is that … Continue reading

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One from the archives…

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What the deuce?

For no good reason other than to inconvenience my one remaining reader I have uprooted this blog and recklessly discarded it at blog.interfunt.com. This is the most exciting thing that will happen here for some time. Crazy!

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Modern method for you!

I’ve just received the most extraordinary email. Subject: Hi, I think you’d be interested what is new! modern method for you! You are not frustrated total Date: 15-03-2013 16:48 From: “Mike Westgarth” Now I’m always interested in what is new and I’m … Continue reading

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Mr Anderson’s similes

As the majority of Suede fans know all too well, Suede have only ever made three good albums: their eponymous debut, Dog Man Star, and Coming Up. Despite the evolution in themes across these albums, from squalid suburban romance, through … Continue reading

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Resurrecting a Mac Classic II

A year or two ago I picked up an elderly Mac Classic II in the hope of giving it a nice caring home in which to spend its twilight years, and with every intention of it going in my ill-advised … Continue reading

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How to make a 6Music web app using Automator

I’ve been lamenting the lack of new and exciting music in my life, namely just about anything on 6Music. While I procrastinate over which DAB radio to buy for my flat, I’ve been trying to remind myself to stick on … Continue reading

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Hullo!. Who’s that cheeky scamp over there? Why it’s deranged cyclops cleric Abu Hamza! And what’s that Abu? The first person to kill an infidel in the ultimate act of martyrdom will win this delicious glazed ham? Well there’s a … Continue reading

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As something of a ‘fuck you‘ to the British Egg Information Service who, as keener readers will recall, have still not answered my query, I’ve taken it upon myself to infiltrate the British egg industry via other means. Here is … Continue reading

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Guitar Heron

LEGENDS OF SQUAWK I spent longer on this than I’d care to admit.

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